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Russia joins search Argentina missing submarine ARA San Juan

Russia joins search Argentina missing submarine ARA San Juan

Russia has joined the search for Argentina’s missing submarine whose crew of 44 people missed on November 15. The Russian members of the international searching team are going to deploy a remote-controlled device to trawl the sea on Saturday.

While Pope Francis urged the entire world to pray for 44 marines who are on the Argentinian missed submarine, Russia joins the search. Up to date, a dozen countries take an active part in the search to find out what happened to the ARA San Juan and its crew. The last contact with the sub was registered on November 15.

On Friday, Argentina’s President Mauricio Marci said that an inquiry would be launched to find out the “truth” after a week of uncertainty and speculation. According to the missing crew members, the 34-year-old submarine was in ill repair and unsafe, so, it is the blame of the government and the navy. Responding to that allegation, President Macri said ARA San Juan had recently undergone a refit and was “in perfect condition”.

Russia sent its Antonov aircraft, one of the world’s largest planes landed safely in Comodoro Rivadavia, a city in southern Argentina, on Friday night. An expectant crowd came to watch, according to local media. From there it headed to Ushuaia, the country’s southern-most town, where the ARA San Juan began its recent trip.

Russia has the bitter experience in the search operation of the missing submarine, Kursk sub sank in the Barents Sea in 2000 after a torpedo exploded during an exercise. In 2000, the Russian government was criticised for waiting five days to accept international assistance.

To avoid such a tragedy in the future, the special structure was established by the international community. The International Submarine Escape and Rescue Liaison Office (Ismerlo) started to work in 2003, now it is coordinating the efforts in the search of Argentina’s submarine with its 44-person crew.