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Russia moves 8,000 troops and 50 planes as Putin braces for North Korea war

Russia moves 8,000 troops and 50 planes as Putin braces for North Korea war

Relations between Moscow and Washington have frayed in recent weeks after the US slapped Russia with more sanctions. Russia, of course, responded in its own manner, Putin has refused to rule out military action if US President approves further sanctions. This week, the Russian leader braces for North Korea war.

The Russian president is ready to show off military might at any moment, he moves 8,000 troops and 50 planes in the frames of the massive “combat readiness check” of its Eastern Military District as global tensions continue to flare over the North Korea crisis.

Last weekend, Mr Putin flaunted his sea power with a huge naval parade, and the scheduled huge military drill is taking place in Transbaikal region, which is 3,000km from its border with North Korea. The message for Trump is clear: Putin is preparing his eastern military for a conflict in the event it kicks off on the Korean peninsula.

North Korea crisis and Russia’s reactions to the US sanctions – dangerous knot

Russia moves troops as Putin braces for North Korea warThe world press reacted with fury to the Pyongyang nuclear missiles test, with the US accusing Russia of bearing “unique and special responsibility” for North Korea. The Russian Defence Ministry released a statement, which explains some details regarding the combat readiness check in region.

Shinzo Abe, the Japanese prime minister, had a phone conversation with Donald Trump on Mondy. PM insisted that an international community, ‘starting with China and Russia, must take this obvious fact seriously and increase pressure.’