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Russia registers its 3rd COVID-19 vaccine

Russia registers its 3rd COVID-19 vaccine

The third anti-COVID vaccine, called CoviVac, was developed and registered in Russia, prime minister Mikhail Mishustin said on Saturday. The drug got health ministry approval for public use, Bernama has learned.

The new Russian vaccine aginst the covid infection was developed by the Chumakov Center for Research and Development of Immunobiological Drugs. Russian prime minister that CoviVac has already got official approval from the health ministry.

The interval between the first and second shots is 14 days, the vaccine CoviVac doesn’t freeze, its certificate says.

“I want to start with some very good news: today, the third vaccine, CoviVac, was registered,” the Russian PM said, adding that by mid-March, “the first 120,000 doses will be launched into civil circulation.”

With the start of the mass inoculation programme in early December, the spread of the novel pathogen in Russia has slowed significantly. Strict controls will ensure that stepped-up manufacturing will in no case affect the anti-virus drug quality.

As of Saturday, at least 4.15 million have been infected, while 82,876 people died. Meantime, Russia’s COVID-19 emergency task force reported 12,953 new cases, 480 COVID-related deaths, and 17,484 recoveries.