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Russia-US relations may be worse than Cold War, said Putin’s spokesman Peskov

Russia-US relations may be worse than Cold War, said Putin’s spokesman Peskov

Russia and the United States are not the dear friends at the moment, moreover, according to Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s spokesman, these relations may be worse than Cold War.

Donald Trump has defended his staff from criticism about their relationships with Russian officials. The scandalous Michael Flynn’s case showed the vulnerability of the presidential administration in the issues of diplomacy and the relations with the Russian friends. In February, Trump’s former National Security Adviser was forced to resign after media reports showed he misled Vice President Pence about a conversation he had with the Russian ambassador during the transition period.

While the Russian and American diplomats are trying to communicate, the Putin’s submarines have increased their operation ability to the Cold War level. This information was given by the Navy chief Vladimir Korolyov. He said that submarine crews spent more than 3,000 days on combat patrol last year.

“It’s an excellent level,”

Korolyov concluded.

Despite all these ‘misreadings’, Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov expressed his hopes on the improving of the relationships between the U.S. and Russia.

“I think if two presidents meet each other if they exchange views and if they decide that they want to reestablish a dialogue, then there will be a chance for our bilateral relations to get better,”

Peskov told in ABC interview this week.