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Russia will fulfill its obligations on food supplies

Russia will fulfill its obligations on food supplies

Alexei Zaitsev, Deputy Director of the DIP Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that Russia is not going to shy away from discussing the topic of food security in light of the crisis. 

According to Zaitsev, Moscow will fulfill its obligations under contracts for the supply of food products.

“The collective West is trying to accuse Russia of provoking a food shortage, they say, the root cause of the crisis is a special Russian military operation. We will not comment on speculation on this matter. At the same time, we are not going to shy away from a substantive discussion of the issue of food security,” Zaitsev said.

He also says that, “in the world market of agro-industrial goods, indeed, a crisis situation is developing, the reasons for it are much deeper than it seems at first glance, they are connected, first of all, with miscalculations and accumulated systemic errors in macroeconomic, financial, trade , the energy policy of Western countries”. 

“It is only unclear why they are trying to shift all the responsibility for the consequences of this crisis exclusively to Russia. Our country under any conditions remains a responsible participant in the world market. We intend to continue to fulfill in good faith our obligations under international contracts regarding the supply of agricultural products and fertilizers,” adds Zaitsev.