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Sadiq Khan creates new ‘green’ bus zones for cleaner air in London

Sadiq Khan creates new ‘green’ bus zones for cleaner air in London

Sadiq Khan has the strong intentions to make London cleaner and greener city. In the frame of 2016 environment initiatives, the mayor creates new green bus zones, they are set to be a part of a dozen of London’s most polluted high streets. Such a ‘green’ approach should improve air quality.

London mayor concerned about the quality of air in the capital, that’s why low-emission buses will operate along a dozen pollution hotspots of the city. According to the statistic, the toxic nitrogen dioxide may up to 84 per cent by 2020, so ‘green’ buses help reduce this dangerous figures.

In London, 150 buses running along the road will be retrofitted with high-tech anti-pollutant systems that meet tough emissions standards or be replaced by greener buses. Mr Khan believes that new green bus zones should improve air quality for the residents of the capital. The health of children at 172 schools located within 100 metres of the routes, is the priority for a city administration.

Image result for smog londonAccording to Mr Khan, ‘Transport for London’ will phase out diesel buses and only buy hybrid or zero-emission double decker buses from 2018. The mayor added:

“Safeguarding the health of Londoners remains is vital and I’m doing everything in my power both to transform London’s bus fleet and to target areas with the worst pollution. I want other cities around the world to work with me on demanding cleaner bus technology.”