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Sam Altman is Time magazine’s CEO of the Year.

Sam Altman is Time magazine’s CEO of the Year.

The head of OpenAI, the developer of the ChatGPT chatbot, Sam Altman was recognized as CEO of the year by the American Time magazine.

“In recent weeks alone, Sam Altman has generated countless headlines with his ouster and swift return as head of OpenAI, the company behind the breakthrough ChatGPT chatbot that defined the field of artificial intelligence today,” the publication commented on Altman’s inclusion in the shortlist for the “human” rating of the year”.

Earlier, the Semafor portal, citing sources, reported that OpenAI employees are concerned that the reason for the dismissal of Altman, who had previously been reinstated, is still unknown, but the situation is not related to security problems in the field of new technologies.

Altman’s dismissal from the post of CEO became known earlier in November. According to the company statement, Altman was not forthcoming with the board of directors, which interfered with his ability to perform his duties. The Verge later reported that the board of directors was discussing the possibility of Altman’s return. OpenAI later announced that it had reached an agreement with Altman to return to the post of CEO. Earlier, Bloomberg, citing sources, reported that Altman would return to the company, but would not immediately take a post on the updated board of directors; he also agreed to an internal investigation into the circumstances of his dismissal.

The ChatGPT chatbot gained popularity after launching in late November 2022, amassing its first million users in less than a week. One of the co-founders of OpenAI in 2015 was American billionaire Elon Musk, who later severed ties with the startup.