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Sanders confidence grows as campaigns for the New Hampshire toughens

Sanders confidence grows as campaigns for the New Hampshire toughens

Almost everyone knows the establishment lane in the 2016 presidential campaign, the outsider lane and more. What the Republican candidates wants the most from the New Hampshire primary is an express lane free from any form of traffic jam that is the GOP contest.

While in the other side, the Democrats want an express free lane too, on Tuesday but are likely to get opposite or not finding much of that in a primary Bernie Sanders was widely expected to come out victorious before he and the democrats front-runner Hillary Clinton move to tougher lane for him.

New Hampshire Likes Neighbors

New Hampshire voters reward opposing authorities at times (Pat Buchanan), anti religious faithfuls other times (John McCain) and mainstream hopefuls on other occasions. They often to like neighbors, such as Sanders from Vermont.

They share history with the two political noble families, the Clinton and Bush families. But it does not actually means that they follow a lane of the heart. Donald Trump’s flamboyant New York attitude is a turnoff to some and an turn-on to others and whether the GOP front-runner succeed in getting the much-needed win after the loss in Iowa is one of the high towering questions of the night.

Whatever maybe the result, the 2016 campaign is in progress. The close-up campaigning in coffee shops and gyms in far-flung snowy expanses moves now to bigger states where those who come out of New Hampshire intact will need a stronger advertising force and organizational power to score high, fast and being progressive at a national level.

2016 election is fast becoming the most interesting election in American so far with the pace at which it is going, So lets sit back and relax as we watch the New Hampshire voters head out for the nation’s first primary.