Today: Wednesday, 29 November 2023 year

Sanders to join ex-rival Clinton at UNH on Wednesday

Sanders to join ex-rival Clinton at UNH on Wednesday

Senator Bernie Sanders will be with Hillary Clinton this Wednesday, the both comes to New Hampshire again. Clinton’s campaign promised to be back to the state. Hillary’ fans are glad to see ex-rival together, that’s the most profound mutual respect and professionalism, they say. ‘Stronger together’ in action! 

Sanders and Clinton are stronger together, last week they met with the voters from New Hampshire, moreover, they both will come to the state on Wednesday again. Hillary’s last visit in NH was on mid-July when Sanders endorsed her ahead of the Democratic National Convention.

According to the schedule of a campaign, on Wednesday, Clinton and Sanders will appear at the University of New Hampshire Field House. The event includes an afternoon rally and discussion focusing on college affordability.

The main point of the forthcoming discussion is a college tuition, of course. Hillary is fighting now for the votes of millennials, many of them are students now. So, debt for the education is an actual problem throughout the USA.

Clinton is going to enable all students with family income up to $125,000 to attend an in-state public college or university tuition-free, covering more than 80 percent of all families. Sanders was very successful in New Hampshire, so his joining to Hillary should make her appearance in the state more solid.