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Saudi Air Force jets arrive in Greece for joint drill

Saudi Air Force jets arrive in Greece for joint drill

Greece and Saudi Arabia are ready to start the Eastern Mediterranean joint drill this week around Crete island, YeniSafak said on Sunday. Six Royal Saudi Air Force F-15s arrived on the Greek island of Crete for drills.

The military cooperation between Greece and Saudi Arabia is continuing. For taking part in a joint exercise, six Saudi Air Force F-15s arrived on Crete on Sunday, the Hellenic National Defense General Staff statement said on Sunday.

This is the first visit to Greece by the 115th Battalion of the Saudi Royal Air Force.

A joint exercise starts from Crete’s Souda Air Force Base aims for both sides to train in complex air operations. Among them achieving air superiority/supremacy, protection and attack on land and sea targets.

During the planned military exercise, Greece and Saudi Arabia will work for peace and stability in the region, said Chief of General Staff Gen. Konstantinos Floros.

The Saudi personnel were welcomed by Saudi Ambassador to Greece Saad bin Abdulrahman Al-Ammar and other officials.

“The particularly important presence of the Saudi Armed Forces in Souda is added to, among others, those of the United Arab Emirates, France, the USA and [Greek] Cyprus and highlights the important role of Crete in consolidating security and stability in the wider region of the Central and Eastern Mediterranean as well as the Middle East,” the statement reads.