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Schools shut as toxic smog hits Delhi

Schools shut as toxic smog hits Delhi

Delhi suffers from the blanket of smog that covered the megapolis, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) declared a public health emergency on Wednesday. Schools shut, the doctors strongly recommend parents to zero any kids’ outdoor activity.

The IMA urges the local authorities to curb the toxic menace, while the Environment Pollution Authority warned that things were set to get worse in the coming days. Indian city faced the real threat to the public health, the toxic air can burn the lungs and affect the eyes.

On Wednesday, as public outrage mounted, the Delhi government ordered the closure of all primary schools to keep the kids at homes. According to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB)? there are four reasons for the sudden onset of pollution. Temperature, wind speed, relative humidity and atmospheric boundary layer had worsened Delhi’s air. The experts warned as well that weather conditions are unlikely to improve over the next few days in Delhi, the city of 20 million inhabitants.

“Meteorological conditions were such that all the local pollutants got trapped and lingered in the air. These four parameters had a direct impact on the pollution,”

said D Saha, head of the air quality laboratory of CPCB.

Delhi faced the worst environmental crisis ever

All outdoor activities have also been banned from the capital’s 6,000 schools while pollution levels remain at severe levels. The city of 20 million has the unenviable distinction of being the world’s most polluted major city, often surpassing Beijing.

Delhi’s air quality typically worsens ahead of the onset of winter as cooler air traps pollutants near the ground, preventing them from dispersing into the atmosphere, a phenomenon known as inversion.

Meteorologists noted that Wednesday became the coldest of the season so far with minimum temperature at 14 degree Celsius. Tuesday was the second-coldest day of the season with the temperature dropping to 16.1 degrees Celsius.