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Schwarzenegger for US Senate

Schwarzenegger for US Senate

Schwarzenegger reportedly aimed at the US Senate, at least, the California GOP circles are buzzing about this possibility. The former Governator can easy fulfil his promise and to ‘be back’ to the politics.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a versatile personality and experienced politician, he served as California Governor, after this, he had successful comeback to the big screen. Now, the Governator is thinking about politics again, according to the California GOP circles insiders.

The question if Schwarzenegger is going to be the US Senator is very actual, the California observers all the time say Arnold return to the political stage would be riveting — and is entirely plausible.


The run for 2018 US Senate will be a new experience for Schwarzenegger, despite all his previous attempts. The world has changed a lot since his fist Gov elections but Arnold became even stronger, more independent and smarter as politic.

Schwarzenegger vs Trump: Twitter battle

Schwarzenegger’s popularity grows, the actor used to take advantage from any social media informational reasons. The recent battle in Twitter aginst Donald Trump, the recent host of “Celebrity Apprentice,” and their running feud has sparked talk that the intensely competitive Schwarzenegger.

Probably, it is time for Mr Olympia to make one more step and to run for Senate. The Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein would be 85 years old and up for reelection — “would give Arnold the stage to jam Trump for the next 16 months,’’ hope insiders from California GOP.