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Science: Birth control app invented by physicists gets approval

Science: Birth control app invented by physicists gets approval

The scientists from UE offered a new application, which will be extremely helpful to the women and their physicians. A mobile app has become the only fertility monitoring app to be certified by an EU regulatory body as a form of contraception.

The innovative application, which will soon be recommended by the doctors to patients who want help to plan or avoid a pregnancy. The app was created by the former CERN physicist Dr Elina Berglund who called it The Natural Cycles.

Dr Berglund developed the algorithm to predict her own ovulation and fertility, then she just converted it into the app with her husband and Natural Cycles co-founder Dr Raoul Scherwitzl.

According to Harry Cymbler, a spokesman for Natural Cycles:

“For women across Europe who are looking to plan or prevent pregnancy, they now have a certified app, which means more choice, more freedom, and also the possibility of planning and preventing pregnancy without all of those hormones in their bodies through traditional contraceptive means, such as hormonal birth control–the pill, basically.”

Dr Susan Walker, the colleagues of Berglund from Anglia Ruskin University, explains the importance of the innovation, she said that Elena’s app is the first to receive formal classification as contraception among other similar apps.

The team behind Natural Cycles invited the colleagues from the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, to validate the algorithm’s ability to predict ovulation and the fertile window and the effectiveness of the app as a contraceptive in two clinical studies.