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Science: Physical activity has little impact on weight

Science: Physical activity has little impact on weight

Physical activity is one of the recommendations of the World Health Organization but scientists from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences stated in the recent publication that there is no correlation between two these factors.

The WHO issued its Global Recommendations on Physical Activity for Health, which points that the physical activity is important and even a fundamental factor for the keeping an energy balance and weight control. Of course, obese people do training as well, hoping that could impact their over-weight.

According to the WHO, at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity per day reduces the risk of an obesity but the scientists have another opinion, their research on weight and physical activity is far from undisputed.

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Overweight and physical activity: no correlation found

The reducing the weight depends not only on physical exercises, according to the recent researchers, is not especially effective for reducing weight. At the same time, isn’t likely that the population-level weight increase is due to low activity of the body.

Several experiments show that our organism doesn’t burn more calories by increasing an activity level. Professor Ulf Ekelund found no correlation between how active people were and how much weight they gained:

“This wasn’t a complete surprise. Previous studies have also shown that the relationship between physical activity and change in weight is weak, if it exists at all,”

he added.