Monday, 6 February 2023 year
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Iran starts vaccination campaign

Iran's population planned to be covered by the mass vaccination against the COVID-19. The nationwide inoculation has begun on Feb 9 to curb the Middle Eastern outbreak of the infection, IRNA reported...

Last news

18 : 24
Finland agrees to join NATO without Sweden
16 : 01
A fire broke out in the Turkish port of Iskenderun.
15 : 59
The UN Secretary General called on the nuclear powers to renounce the use of nuclear weapons.
06 : 45
The total death toll due to the earthquake in Turkey was 76 people.
06 : 43
Palestine expects independence from nine countries in 2023.
03 : 22
Erdogan said that the departments began to eliminate the consequences of the earthquake.
18 : 21
Poland will build an electronic barrier on the border with the Kaliningrad region.
18 : 19
Israel stated that the air raid was not caused by rocket fire.
18 : 18
The leader of the Turkish nationalists commented on the photo with the flag on the US destroyer.
08 : 53
Five people were injured in an explosion in Pakistan.
08 : 52
Negotiations on Ukraine were interrupted by the West, said the ex-Prime Minister of Israel.
08 : 50
Scholz, when asked about Ukraine’s membership in the EU, recalled corruption.
19 : 29
Thousands of Israelis took to the streets in Tel Aviv to rally against legal reform.
19 : 27
The British Ministry of Defense spoke about the training of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to control the Challenger 2.
08 : 19
Two people have been arrested in the United States on suspicion of mass murder.
08 : 17
The Brazilian Navy sank its only aircraft carrier, the Sao Paulo.
08 : 14
China responded to Blinken’s decision to postpone his visit to Beijing.
16 : 50
The State Department said the US still considers China’s balloon to be a spy balloon.
11 : 33
According to the latest information, the United States offered Ukraine to give Russia 20% of the territory in exchange for peace
10 : 18
The head of the European Council arrived in Kyiv for the EU-Ukraine summit.
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