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Scientologist Elisabeth Moss criticised over her Golden Globe acceptance speech

Scientologist Elisabeth Moss criticised over her Golden Globe acceptance speech

Elisabeth Moss, an American actress, was honoured with the Golden Globe statuette last night. During her acceptance speech, the Scientologist made a rare reference ‘to the women who were brave enough to fight for equality and freedom in this world’.

The Hollywood star Elisabeth Moss prefers not to speak about religion but after her last-night speech during the Golden Globe ceremony, the Scientologist has been accused of hypocrisy for giving an emotional ‘metoo’. The reason for the harsh criticism was her religion has been accused of covering up sexual assaults.

The wonderful Elisabeth won her Golden Globe statuette for the role of Offred in the Amazon series The Handmaid’s Tale adapted from the 1985 novel by Margaret Atwood. In the drama, there is a lot of sexual harassment and abusive scenes. The American actress won Best Actress In A TV Drama at the ceremony in Los Angeles for her portrayal as a brave woman.

Actually, the 35-year-old Moss, who rarely talks of her association with the Church of Scientology, but the speech sparked a backlash online with some pointing to allegations made against the religion that it had covered up sexual assaults.

The social media reacted quickly on Moss’ Golden Globe acceptance speech

The social media exploded right after Elisabeth’s acceptance speech, users wrote that actress’ outpourings of supposed empathy and solidarity to the #metoo movement don’t quite ring true since Ms Moss is still a Scientologist, she was raised in this religion and she was never going to leave the Church. So, being a prominent member of this organisation, she knows perfectly that it silences women more than any other.

Moss said that author Margaret Atwood is deserved to know that the women who came before her and after her who were brave enough to speak out against intolerance and injustice.

Another Twitter user said:

‘Elisabeth Moss winning for Handmaid’s Tale, and then giving a speech about injustice and inequality, all while being a proud Scientologist is GOLDEN.’

The Scientologist Church has come under fire recently amid claims it had knowledge of rape claims made against Scientologist actor Danny Masterson long before reports became public in the media. In November, it was reported that four women had come forward to accuse Masterson of sex attacks.