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SeaWorld’s oldest pilot whale Bubbles died

SeaWorld’s oldest pilot whale Bubbles died

SeaWorld’s pilot Bubbles has died, she was estimated 60 years. SeaWorld acquired her in 1987 after her leaving from another marine park, Marineland of the Pacific, said the statement of SeaWorld. The oldest whale died after decades of successful and unforgettable performances in San Diego.

The whale Bubbles was the oldest pilot one in San Diego  zoological park, she performed at the aquarium’s location from 1987, when she was taken from another marine park. According to the SeaWorld’s statement, she was estimated to be in her 50s. It’s a great loss for zoo park, because Bubbles was its star, she worked at the Dolphin Stadium of the SeaWorld park.

Park’s visitor say, that Bubbles’ shows were unforgettable and very sincere. The mammal did her best to entertain the kids, so her death is real loss for the zoo park. Statement of SeaWorld notes:

“She has inspired and amazed more than 100 million guests for nearly 50 years,” it said. “Loved by her trainers and veterinarians, Bubbles had been a member of the SeaWorld family for nearly 30 years.”

SeaWorld added that it will perform a necropsy to determine the cause of death. Female short-finned pilot whales usually have a maximum lifespan of around 60 years, Bubbles was only 50 years old.