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Secret David Bowie, Freddy Mercury recordings revealed: ‘Somewhere there is an archive’

Secret David Bowie, Freddy Mercury recordings revealed: ‘Somewhere there is an archive’

David Bowie and Queen’s frontman Freddy Mercury were the brightest stars of Britain’s music over decades. Both musicians have passed away too early, so they archive recording and raw studio collaboration are at the centre of attention now.

David Bowie and Freddy Mercury’s biggest collaboration is the rock classic, Under Pressure but there are many other studio recordings, which are still unavailable for the fans. Almost four decades later, it has been revealed that there is a secret archive of unreleased tracks by Bowie-Mercury.

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Peter Hince, one-time head of Queen’s road crew, made the surprising announcement – he recalls studio sessions where both stars performed several original songs they did together. Moreover, there are also several covers for these songs.

‘They were just jamming in the studio and it all got recorded – All the Young Dudes, All the Way from Memphis and various rock classics,’

Mr Hince recalled.

In Neil Cosser’s book David Bowie: I Was There, the readers will be able to find many surprising facts and things about the musical activity of a star of all-time. The book about the life of David Bowie is scheduled for release later this month.

The greatest singers of all-time: David Bowie and Freddy Mercury left much never-before-heard music

David Bowie’s studio in Vevey was rather close to the Queen’s Mountain Studios in Montreux, both places are in Switzerland. The stars used to leave UK foe hard-working sets in Swiss studio, the vocalists liked singing together, especially the proper full-length rock’n’roll tracks. Now, these songs sound raw, but they are definitely good, according to Mr Hince.

The revelation became possible thanks to Brian May, in May, the Queen guitarist recalled there is much never-heard-before music of both David and Freddy. May said:

“[They locked horns] in subtle ways like who would arrive last at the studio. So it was sort of wonderful and terrible.”

The book ‘David Bowie: I Was There’, hits the bookstores on 21 July.

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