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Selena Gomez: depression, clinic and Justin Bieber’s visits

Selena Gomez: depression, clinic and Justin Bieber’s visits

Selena Gomez now in the rehabilitation clinic, the star admitted she is suffering from the depression and anxiety. The fans believe that current health status of their idol is the result of Justin Bieber’s behaviour. He got a new girlfriend, broke up with Selena, so, she is now trying to recover from all these negative consequences.

Selena Gomez is suffering from lupus episodes, sometimes they’re igniting the mental disorders like depression and panic attacks. The singer has to postpone her ‘Revival World Tour’, instead, she preferred to focus on her health and mind, not career. While her staying at the clinic, Justin Bieber visits Selena often.

Selena Gomez, according to her own words, is having some rough time with life, and the support of her ex-lover is highly appreciated. Gomez was really upset when Bieber had posted a photo with his new girlfriend Sofia Richie, but now Selena calmed down and let Justin and herself live further.

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and one more girl

Selena Gomez and her ex, reportedly, are supporting each other and fans are very interested in the nature of Jelena’s current relationships. Are they lover of friends? And what Sofia thinks about all these visits to the clinic?