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Selena Gomez on Instagram fatigue

Selena Gomez on Instagram fatigue

Selena Gomez is a very popular person, the American model and actress is he star of the social media. Despite all this fans’ admiration, the brunette told about Instagram fatigue.

Selena Gomes is maintaining her popularity with any methods available in the modern world. The main part of self-pr is the social media, which show to the fans and followers almost every step of celebrity’s life. That’s why Selena tells about the Instagram fatigue.

According to the mega-popular personality, Instagram rules her life already not a vice versa, sometimes, she feels exhaustive.

Selen Gomez

The 24-year-old Selena has 110 million Instagram followers (so called Selenators) have come to expect it. Of course, celebrity’s old codes are long gone, MGM’s untouchable eggshell glamour having given way to the “They’re just like us!” era of documented trips to the gas station and cellulite captured by telephoto lenses.

But Gomez and her ilk have gone further still, using their smartphones to generate a stardom that seems to say not merely “I’m just like you” but “I am you.” Selena’s schedule is rather tight right now, the rehab period is over and she is plunged into work and new relations with the rapper The Weeknd. In May, during his tour in Toronto, Selena will meet his mother, the model is very happy with this perspective.