Today: Saturday, 18 May 2024 year

Serbian police detained 600 migrants near the border with Hungary.

Serbian police detained 600 people during an operation after a shootout of migrants on the border with Hungary and found firearms in some of them, the republic’s interior ministry said.


Police officers from the cities of Kikinda and Subotica, together with the gendarmerie, left on the night of Friday at the signal of a shootout of migrants on the street in Horgosh.

At the scene, they found six migrants, one of whom, about 20 years old, had two gunshot wounds to the chest. The Ministry of Internal Affairs then released a video showing searches of an illegal camp of migrants who lived in tents and outbuildings of local residents near the border with Hungary, they were searched, interrogated and sent by bus to reception centers in the south of the country.

“More than 600 illegal migrants have been uncovered, people who participated in the night shootout have been identified, and firearms have also been found,” Mile Jandrić, head of the border police department, said in a statement. It is noted that the operation to search for illegal migrants in the area continues.

The area in northern Serbia near the border with Hungary and the border crossing points of Horgos and Kelebija has been a place of mass concentration of migrants and smugglers since the beginning of the migration crisis.

According to the Serbian media, the shootout on Friday night was carried out by natives of Pakistan and Morocco.