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Seselj said that the court in The Hague brought new charges against him.

Seselj said that the court in The Hague brought new charges against him.

The leader of the Serbian Radical Party (SRP), Vojislav Seselj, said that the court in The Hague brought new charges against him and his associates for external pressure on Serbia, and expressed agreement to take part in the process, but on the territory of Afghanistan.

According to the PSA, the Serbian Embassy in the Netherlands received a document from the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals (IRMUT) approving the indictment for contempt of court against Seselj and four of his associates: Miljan Damjanovic, Ljiljana Mihajlovic, Ognjen Mihajlovic and Mirolyub Ignjatovic. We are talking about the books of the radical leader, which, according to judges in The Hague, violate the rules of legal proceedings. Seselj’s associates are accused of preparing these publications; they and representatives of printing houses were interviewed in 2022.

“I would be happy to appear before their court again and again refute all the accusations. But I have a condition – that the trial should not be held in The Hague. I expect that due to the conflict between Russia and the West, Great Britain will soon be under water, and the wave from its immersion will flood The Netherlands, I don’t want to drown there. Let them move their trial to Afghanistan, there is sufficient altitude above sea level, and its people deserved it by defeating the Americans,” Seselj said.

Previously, MOMUT delivered a list of 56 (out of a total of 250) of my books, the circulation of which was demanded to be confiscated and destroyed. The authorities in Belgrade did not want to confiscate the copies. I had previously been tried three times in The Hague for contempt of court and sentenced to four years and nine months imprisonment for the fact that I published information on the case and data from false prosecution witnesses in my books. They would burn my books, but I don’t give them away, I continue to publish, and as long as there are sponsors and assistants, I will continue to do this,” the leader emphasized Serbian radicals.

According to him, in Serbia, since Slobodan Milosevic came to the presidency in 1988, not a single book has been banned, except for the fraudulent anti-Semitic “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”