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Five celebrities who refuse to use social media

Five celebrities who refuse to use social media

Some Hollywood celebrities don’t use the social networks. Let Kim Kardashian or Gigi Hadid 24/7 can’t live without media, but there are five stars, who have no accounts in social media.

Brad Pitt and Daniel Redcliff prefer to stay off the social media and don’t understand how it’s possible to share with the fans with every detail of the life. In other words, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter don’t attract these five celebrities:

1.Daniel Radcliffe
The “Harry Potter” superstar refuses to use Facebook and Twitter, he told Sky News. Radcliffe said telling fans on social media”your moment to moment” activities isn’t for him. Radcliffe said he wants to keep his private life out of the spotlight.

2. Brad Pitt
Another star, Brad Pitt said that social networks “beyond what we understand,” and his wife is fully Brad and Angie don't use the social mediasharing his opinion. As parents, Jolie and Pitt are monitoring what their children are doing on the Internet but do not use social media at all.


3. George Clooney
Hollywood star is not only handsome, George Clooney is quite an oldschool guy. The 55-year-old actor doesn’t use Twitter, and his wife Amal, too. According to the Clooney’s words, the actor sees no need to be in touch with his fans all the time, from dusk till dawn. Clooney told this in one of his interview for Variety.

4. Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake has expressed his distaste regarding using the social media for getting more and more attention to the public person. He said that he fears using social media even though his fans would love him to do so. As Gyllenhaal said: “To me, this is a product of us all havingsmartphones and beingconsumed by that — we’re looking down. No one is looking up.”

5. Jennifer Lawrence
The actress stated clear and loud: “I will never get Twitter,” and she’s keeping her promise. That’s why all those accounts with Lawrence name are fake, can you imagine? “The idea of Twitter is so unthinkable to me,” the “Hunger Games” star added.