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Sheikha Moza opens exhibition that focuses on DNA

Sheikha Moza opens exhibition that focuses on DNA

Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser has paid an official visit to a new permanent exhibition titled ‘A Journey to the Heart of Life’. This unusual exhibition focused on DNA and includes six sections that give an opportunity to explore genetic inheritance and prehistoric human migrations.

Sheikha Moza actively supports the development of the science and DNA research in Qatar, the royal family member is the chairperson of Msheireb Properties. Last week, Doha welcomed the deepening of the collaboration between Msheireb Museums and biomedical research institutions, which are trying to reveal all the mysteries of DNA. the significant contribution to the DNA exhibition made the Qatar Genome Programme, Qatar Biobank, Sidra Medical Research Center and Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar.

The exhibition that was opened by Sheikha Mozah, focuses on DNA and aims to further guests’ understanding of the advances in modern medicine and genomics, and its capacity to help with early detection of disease, as well as the creation of personalised medicine.

Visitors in Museum use interactive and audiovisual displays to know more how leveraging genetics, genomic, and observations from the past, can uncover Qatar’s rich cultural and historic heritage.

Exhibition helps to understand genetics and genomics

Qatar with its developed hi-tech technologies is ready to support the DNA research on any and every level. A new Doha exhibition will help the visitor of any age and background to understand the genetics/genomics, and how they reflected in the history of humanity. The DNA is able to tell a story of migration and integration across the Middle East and Qatar. The scientists believe this knowledge is being used to make us healthier as a society.

Hafiz Ali, Msheireb Museums director, stressed the important task of the new Museum:

“This opening is intended to help our nation understand the origins of our people and how the mapping of human development can help its citizens today, and in the future.”

Major advances in the fields of genetics and genomics have not only corroborated what we can observe from history — the diversity of Qatar’s origins — but also opened a path to a hopeful future in prevention and cure of many genetic diseases.