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Shia LaBeouf arrested at anti-Trump protest in Queens

Shia LaBeouf arrested at anti-Trump protest in Queens

Shia LaBeouf in recent years wasn’t especially active as an actor, however, he wants to be popular at any price. The most controversial US presidential election gave to Shia and others the perfect chance to make a lot of noise around their names. Today, the actor was arrested outside a Queens museum for an anti-Trump (at least, look-alike) installation.

Shia LaBeouf decided to express his political views outside a Queens museum, the actor wrote on the white wall a phrase: ‘He will not divide us.’ The cops informed that Mr LaBeouf was attending an interactive installation when a ‘shouting match’ erupted around 12:30 AM.

Two groups started a noisy shouting match, while LaBeouf ripped one male’s scarf off, scraping that person’s neck before shoving him to the ground. The cops have to stop this mess and arrested the actor. The cops from the 114th Precinct charged him with misdemeanour assault and released after the filling the paper.

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Being left the police precinct, Shia LaBeouf yelled “He will not divide us” out the window and pumped his fist into the air. Such protest action reminded people that the actor is not especially lucky in his professional life. From 2011, the performer has pursued a variety of public performance art projects, but has also landed himself in a bit of trouble.