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Singapore to set up designated drone-flying zones

Singapore to set up designated drone-flying zones

The Singaporean government announced on Friday the new rules for the drones. Minister for Transport Ong Ye Kung introduced the new code, according to which the spaces will be set up for drones using, The Straits Times has learned.

The Singaporean officials have elaborated the recommendation on how to provide common flying spaces to increase interest in the activity. The ministry for transport’s acceptance of the recommendations comes about two months after it was made by the unmanned aircraft (UA) systems advisory panel, appointed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore in 2019.

Among other rules, the drones should not intrude on the safety of other airspace users such as commercial airplanes. Secondly, a set of safety guidelines for these areas must be drawn up and the sites’ operation must be sensitive to the concerns of the wider public.

The panel’s report stresses it proposes that drones flying areas be developed and implemented in a manner that is suited to Singapore’s context.