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Single-person electric planes to start flying in 2022

Single-person electric planes to start flying in 2022

The electric planes are available to buy as DIY kits or the finished product, potential buyers can contact the company for pre-order information. As Springwise reports, Japanese startup teTra aviation corp recently introduced its commercial Mk5 electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

The idea of an electric plane is not brand new, in fact. there is a remote-piloted ride-sharing system in Las Vegas, and an electric aeroplane seeking to transform regional travel by 2026.

The Japanese lightweight planes hold a single person and are powered by 32 vertical lift motors. Built with aluminium and reinforced carbon fibre, the plane has a strict weight limit for pilots. The prototype carries a pilot of 79 kilograms or less, and the commercial version is expected to increase to 91-kilogram capacity.

According to the Japanese inventors, electric planes is the future. However, a private pilot’s license is required to fly the plane. Due to its vertical lift and landing capability, eVTOL does not require access to full-size runways. This allows a plane to take flight from and land on much smaller cleared locations.

Moreover, DIY experts can buy the single-person plane as a kit to build at home, and for those less confident about their handiwork, fully constructed planes will also be available. Each plane contains a minimum of two backup power packs and comes with a ballistic parachute.

Prices are not yet published on the teTra aviation corp’s website.