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Slimy green beaches become new normal for Florida

Slimy green beaches become new normal for Florida

Florida beaches are suffering from the uncontrolled bloom of the toxic algae. Beaches become greener week by week, say the ecologists, and quality of water is getting worse. Blue-green algae cyanobacteria are pretty natural, they are living in warm, calm water like Florida’s one. But two conditions stimulate its growth and make algae dangerous: climatic changes and political inertia.

Florida beaches are demonstrating this summer the green slime, which was washed onto the coastlines. According to the environmentalists, it’s the eighth appearance of cyanobacteria since 2004.

The algae blooms of 2013 hard to forget, say local people. It was extremely green event became known as Toxic Summer. This year’s situation is very close to the 2013’s — four counties in Florida have already declared a state of emergency due to bloom of toxic algae. The green sludge is killing fish and shellfish.

An environmental activist and founder of Citizens for Clean Water Evan Miller is very concerned with the toxic algae on the beaches of Florida:

“You can see it from space. There are places in Stuart that are on their third and fourth cycle of blooms now.”