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Slovenia calculated the damage from the largest flood.

Slovenia calculated the damage from the largest flood.

The damage from the largest flood in Slovenia will amount to several billion euros, the head of the government of the republic, Robert Golob said.

As reported by the State Department of Meteorology, up to 200 millimeters of rain fell in places in Slovenia last Friday. The region of Celje, the country’s third largest city, was particularly hard hit. Army and police helicopters with ground services and equipment helped and evacuated citizens in the affected areas of Chrna-na-Koroškem, Kamnik, Savinjska Dolina and Mezhitsa. According to the latest data, six people died.

“The damage from catastrophic flooding will reach several billion euros. The government is on Tuesday working on a new package of measures directly aimed at helping people. We are talking about rebalancing the budget, more than 100 million euros will be allocated for operational needs alone,” Golob said and added that first of all, it is necessary to restore electricity and water supply.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Monday held a telephone conversation with the Prime Minister of Slovenia about the floods in the country, expressed condolences for the dead and expressed support from the alliance.

Helicopters from Croatia Mi-17 and Hungary H145 arrived to help in the fight against the consequences of the flood and on Monday were already involved in the field along with Slovenian aircraft. Croatia also sent two dozen servicemen with construction equipment to help Slovenian colleagues.

Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina also offered help with people and various ground and aircraft equipment and declared their readiness to provide Slovenia with construction equipment and pontoons from the military department.

According to the Slovenian Ministry of Defense on Monday, 250 servicemen were involved in 10 affected areas, with construction and military equipment, helicopters, and another 500 people were on standby.
The level of flooded rivers has been falling since Saturday, and communication with cut-off settlements is being restored. The management of the Krško NPP reported that the disaster did not pose a threat to its operation.