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Slovenia declares end of coronavirus epidemic

Slovenia declares end of coronavirus epidemic

Slovenia’s health ministry has announced the minimum cases of COVID-19. The country has best epidemiological picture in Europe, says Premier Janez Jansa, that is why the government declared the end of coronavirus outbreak.

The Balkan country’s government has declared the end of the coronavirus pandemic, becoming the first European country to do so. Today only 35 cases in two weeks were registered.

“Slovenia has tamed the epidemic over the past two months… Today Slovenia has the best epidemiological picture in Europe,” Prime Minister Janez Jansa told parliament in a remote session late Thursday.

The decision was made after the National Institute of Public Health estimated that all indicators show that the virus’ spread has calmed down, with a total of 35 new cases recorded in the last 14 days.

In addition, people arriving in Slovenia from other European Union states will no longer be obliged to go into quarantine, PM Jansa said. However, as there is still a risk of the infection spreading, some restrictive measures remain in force.

Among the EU nations, Slovenia saw its first confirmed case of coronavirus on March 4 and by May 13, nearly 1,500 cases. A total of 103 people died from coronavirus in Balkan country, with a population of 2 million people.

The government said foreign citizens who show signs of COVID-19 infection will still not be allowed to enter the country and that a quarantine of at least 14 days will remain in place for people from non-EU states, with some exemptions, including diplomats and people transporting cargo.

In May, many public institutions were reopening their doors, among them Ljubljana Castle, museums, galleries, libraries, and shops that are smaller than 400 square meters. In Slovenia, bars and restaurants are again serving guests, but for now only at outdoor facilities. However, all public events are still suspended until further notice.

Since 11 May 2020, trains and buses have started to operate across Slovenia but on limited schedules and seating capacities. Passengers were required to wear protective masks and maintain a distance of at least 1,5 meters throughout the ride. Taxis are operating.