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Slovenia: Prime Minister Sarec resigns

Slovenia: Prime Minister Sarec resigns

Slovenia’s prime minister announced his resignation on Monday, reported. Marjan Sarec also called for a snap election.

Slovenian head of Cabinet faced the difficulties while his political minority government shows no ability to push through important legislation. Thus, PM Sarec decided it would be fair to resign.

The political deadlock in Slovenia made prime minister send his resignation to the National Assembly on Monday. Explaining that move, Sarec called for an early election, because his minority government has not enough political will to push through vital legislation.

“There is nothing I can do with this government. Therefore, it is fair to hold an early election,” PM told a press conference.

According to PM, the resignation is the most honest thing he and his minority Cabinet can do now. The next wise step is “to go to the polls, where people can tell us whether they want us to continue or not,” Sarec said and added he had already spoken with the president of his centre-left Modern Center (SMC) Party about the possibility of running together in early elections.

Slovenia’s PM confessed he cannot fulfil the expectations of the people but he would be able to do that after an election. Another Cabinet and coalition would be helpful for him, Sarec suggested.

In fact, Slovenia’s Finance Minister Andrej Bertoncelj also sent a letter of resignation just minutes before PM’s stepping down.