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Slovenian PM survives confidence vote

Slovenian PM survives confidence vote

Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa survived a no-confidence vote in parliament over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, Slovenian Press Agency has learned.

The head of Cabinet accused of failing to handle COVID-19 pandemic. The opposition says he is also weakening institutions and rule of law. The January protests waves across Slovenia and Ljubljana showed that the police is not able sometimes to maintain the order in the streets.

In January, the opposition parties have also distanced themselves from anti-covid demonstration, which was announced on social media by the civil initiative Maske Dol (Down with Masks). The initiator Anica Bidar urging participants to protest peacefully.

Addressing them in Republic Square, Bidar said that “corrupt politics that restricts all the freedom” should be stopped. “We want to be free, healthy, so we spread peace, love and health,” she urged.

Having survived the no-confidence vote on Monday, with 40 lawmakers voting in his favour and seven against, Jansa will stay in power until the next year’s elections.