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Smart plant care system utilises self-watering tech

Smart plant care system utilises self-watering tech

The automated plant care system invented in Pico laboratories makes it easy to grow small houseplants. Taking into account the lockdowns, this innovation gives an opportunity to transform the home in small garden, Springwise reports.

Pico smart system is designed to do away with the biggest pitfalls in growing houseplants. In other words, it is time to forget to water the plants or making sure the plants get the right amount of light.

The Pico system is tiny and fits almost anywhere, Pico will stick to almost any surface, allowing you to save space. The smart playful system is powered through a USB port, and up to three Picos can be connected together using a regular phone charger. A timer allows the lighting to be automated.

Bringing a farm to every home gives people a nice feeling they are connected to nature. The affordable Pico solves the issue with watering with the inclusion of self-watering tech, which stores water and provides on-demand watering. A system is using capillary action and gravity to provide plants with the exact amount of water they need.

Plant’s lighting needs also resolved by Pico, which includes a stainless steel telescopic arm that’s connected to multi-spectrum LED grow lights like those used in indoor farms. The lights rise as the plants grow. In other words, even the first-time ‘farmers’ could cope with the plant’s growth.

The Pico also makes it easy to grow herbs indoors, saving money and reducing plastic waste from herb packets. At an affordable price of around €27.50 per Pico, it could even save money on buying new herbs in the long-term.

With people spending much more time indoors since the start of the lockdown, there has been renewed interest in finding ways to bring more of the outdoors inside.