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Smog tips: what to do when there’s a pollution warning

Smog tips: what to do when there’s a pollution warning

Smog is the unwanted and unpleasant phenomenon of nature, which has its own rules. The experts from the department for environment, food and rural affairs (DEFRA) have several simple tips how to deal with an air pollution levels. 

The British DEFRA knows how to survive the smog period, there are several tips for the megapolis inhabitants, just follow them and the smog will not be able to harm you.

First of all, DEFRA specialists advice to “reduce activity” outdoors, you can increase it indoors during this unusual time, indeed.

Do you jogging earlier or do it indoors

The outdoor physical activity during a pollution episode should be done early in the morning or indoors at all. That will be more safe than a taking deep breathes on the polluted air.

Think about the raining day

The rain and the wind make the life of the smogged city much easier, say the environmentalists. But if the rain started, please, do not rush outside at that very moment, wait for one hour at least. Then there’ll probably be quite a difference, and if there’s wind and rain, even better.

Walk one street back not main streets

During the smog, avoid the main streets and roads, the air pollution drops away substantially when you’re walking one street back.

Use an app to avoid hotspots

The application will show you what the city’s zones suffer heavily from smog, so, choose the districts with a lower pollution level.

Keep the windows closed, don’t use the candles

Smog is the ubiquitous thing, it is able to interfere everywhere, so keep the windows tightly closed. It prevents your home from the polluted air. There is another important rule for the smog times: don’t burn the candles and avoid the open fire like a fire or wood stove inside the house. Anything that involves burning produces invisible particles and gases, be careful.

Enrich you meal with the greens

Air pollution is a powerful hit to our organism and immune system, so don’t forget to drink enough water and eat the greens. The fresh fruit and vegetables are must eat, they maintain your body’s antioxidant reserves, which are able to reduce the effects of any pollution you are exposed to.

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