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South Sudan received $54m for humanitarian aid from EU

South Sudan received $54m for humanitarian aid from EU

South Sudan’s social and economic crisis requires urgent assistance from the international community. The European Union’s financial support means a lot for the poor African country. This week, the EU sent $54.8 million (EUR48.5 million) to avert the scaled crisis in the country.

South Sudan where humanitarian needs remain high, needs ongoing efforts from the international community to prevent Ebola dissemination and food crisis. One of the poorest African countries, South Sudan received last week another instalment from EU: $1.13 million for stepping up Ebola prevention.

This week, another instalment ($54.8mln) should help nearly two million internally displaced persons and almost seven million in their acute need for emergency food aid.

The United Nations bodies and the EU institutions do their best for preventing South Sudan from total chaos. According to Christos Stylianides, Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, about four million South Sudanese remains uprooted, either within their country or as refugees in the region.

“It is therefore essential that humanitarian workers have full and safe access to do their lifesaving job. While humanitarian support is a matter of urgency, ultimately only a solid commitment to restore peace and stability can bring a long-lasting solution,” Christos Stylianides added.