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Spain asks Catalonia: Did you declare independence or not?

Spain asks Catalonia: Did you declare independence or not?

The Europe confused – is Catalonia independent from Spain or not? The north-east region has not still answered this simple question asked by Spain.

Spanish government asked the head of the secession-minded Catalonia region the question that no one can seem to answer: Did he declare independence or not? There is no answer despite the referendum’s results is known.

The prime minister Mariano Rajoy and whole nation are confused – Catalonia’s president, Carles Puigdemont was so brave in his intention t cut away the region from Spain till last weekend when referendum took place. Right now, the clarifying Catalonia’s position is critical to map out Spain’s next move — including possible harsher measures against north-east region if it now sees itself as a new nation.

Mariano Rajoy

The Catalonia referendum brought more confusion than actions

Catalan leader Puigdemont said that the formal declaration of independence would be delayed for several weeks to have further dialogue with Madrid. But then Puigdemont joined some lawmakers to sign the documents that some perceived as formalizing a break from Spain.

It left officials in Spain and across Europe uncertain as to what really happened, the European Commission hopes to see Spain united and strong. The separatism brings nothing but confusion, the most recent example is Brexit. After 14 months of declaring UK’s exit from the EU, the Kingdom is still is trying to cope with the consequences of such ‘divorce’.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, a spokeswoman for Angela Merkel says a declaration of independence by Catalonia “would be illegal and would not receive any recognition” from Germany. The German Chancellor supported PM Rajoy who accused Puigdemont of fostering “deliberate confusion.”