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Spain hopes that Russian tourists will flock to Spain this summer

Spain hopes that Russian tourists will flock to Spain this summer

Spain’s hopes for a successful touristic season linked to Russians who like to visit the seashore and Balearic islands. Ambassador to Russia Marcos Gomez Martinez expressed hope for recovering the health situation this summer, saying that the tourist flow from Russia will the same again.

Spain will warmly welcome the tourists from Russia if the epidemiological situation allows, said Ambassador Gomez on Thursday. As TASS has learned, the spas and resorts hope that Spain will open for Russian tourists as soon as possible.

“First, it is possible that Russian vaccines will finally be recognized. As soon as this is announced by the World Health Organization, Spain will do the same immediately,” the diplomat added.

Meantime, the Omicron wave is still high, and in Spain, that pathogen is developing at a very rapid scenario. The EU nation is already beginning to gradually loosen vaccine restrictions and abolish the mandatory wearing of masks.

According to the Spanish diplomat, the local authorities predict that in the coming weeks, as the epidemiological situation improves, the restrictions will be lifted. “And I expect that by the beginning of the summer season we will be able to bring back a significant part of Russian tourists,” Gomez said.

Over three decades, the large flow of tourists from Russia brings to Spain a lot of money. This year, Russians will be welcomed extremely warmly, the diplomat said. But not only because they are considered to be deep-pocketed travellers.

“We, the Spaniards, love Russia, we treat Russians well and hope that this summer we will be able to say ‘Welcome!”, Gomez Martinez added.