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Spanish PM hopes Britain stays in the EU

Spanish PM hopes Britain stays in the EU

The Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy said on June 16, he hopes Britain stays in the EU. PM added also he is unhappy with Gibraltar issue, the point is British colleague David Cameron’s intends to brief Brexit campaign stop in Gibraltar. According to Spain, it is its territory.

Gibraltar arose another hard feeling in the relationships of Spain and the Great Britain. The PM Cameron wants to brief Brexit campaign stop in Gibraltar, which Spains used to see as its territory, not the British one. Being a diplomat, Rajoy told on Spanish National Radio that his government “doesn’t like the idea that Mr. Cameron should go to Gibraltar”. At the same interview, Spain PM showed his support to Cameron in an idea of staying inside the European union. “As I hope it does,” said Rajoy.

The June 23 referendum made PM Cameron to accelerate his campaign on staying inside the EU, so British PM is making a two-hour visit Thursday to Gibraltar to seek additional votes to keep British-EU status quo. Important to note that it was the first visit by a British premier to Gibraltar, the last was registered in 1966 during the negotiations between the Great Britain and Spain regarding future of Gibraltar.

Spain supports staying Britain in the E.U.

In this view population of Gibraltar (30,000 inhabitants) are potential voters for David Cameron and his Brexit campaign. Gibraltarians fear their access to the single market in EU could be blocked by a hostile Spanish government if Britain exits. Spain, in its turn, reassures the Gibraltar on its viewing the territory as Spanish — regardless of the referendum. In other words, Spain supports Cameron’s campaign for keeping the GB in the EU, but only if this campaign is carrying out in Britain not Gibraltar.