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The stabbing rampage in Japan: 19 killed in Sagamihara

The stabbing rampage in Japan: 19 killed in Sagamihara

The National Police Agency in Japan informed on the stabbing rampage, which took place in the home disabled in in Sagamihara. According to the police, this fatal incident was the worst one  since 1989 in terms of the killed people.

Nineteen people were killed during the knifing in Japanese city Sagamihara: 26-year-old Satoshi Uematsu, an ex-worker of the Tsukui Yamayurien facility came into the building in the morning on July 26. Police notes, that Uematsu was an ex-employee of this facility, he worked there from 12/2012 to 02/2016, until he was hospitalized in late February.

Uematsu going on the rampage, as a result, 19 people were killed and 26 got injuries, said police. Among them are women in the ages from 19 and 71. In the police station Uematsu explained his behavior:

“I hope that disabled people will disappear (from this world).”

The police of Kanagawa got a telephone call at 02:40 AM, an employee of the facility told: “Something serious has taken place.” The attacker Uematsu started his knifing at 02:10, said policemen, and at 03:00 he surrendered himself to the local police precinct with a full set of the evidence: his wear, three knives with blood and the personal car.