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Sarah Jessica Parker Returns To TV With HBO’s ‘Divorce’

Sarah Jessica Parker Returns To TV With HBO’s ‘Divorce’

Sarah Jessica Parker returns to HBO. Fans of ‘Sex And The City’ rejoice – film star plays her new role. This time actress tells us next story about New York and its women. Season 1 ‘Divorce’ will start this autumn, starring Sarah Jessica.

Sarah Jessica Parker decided to return to HBO channel for new series ‘Divorce’. Her Frances is going to get a divorce, but to make such an important step is much more difficult than she had expected. Reassessing is much deeper process than appears. So, star of ‘SATC’ plays a complex role, because her heroine is going through a personal drama. Timeout in marriage? Or divorce? That is the question, and Frances should answer it.

The film ‘Divorce’ with Sarah Jessica Parker shows the life of a modern woman from New York City, which reassessing her marriage, as well as her life. The screenplay was written by the ‘Catastrophe’s’ Sharon Hogan. Besides to Parker, you could see Alison Benson, Aaron Kaplan and Paul Simms as executive producers in HBO’s series.

‘Divorce’ stars Thomas Haden Church as France’s husband Robert, Molly Shannon as the Frances friend Diana. France’s friends play Talia Balsam and Charlie Kilgore. Among other series’ actors are Sterling Jerins, Tracy Letts and Finise Avery.

HBO’s series ‘Divorce’ planned to have 10 episodes in Season 1. So, keep checking for the news and spoilers on Parker’s “Divorce”!