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Stella McCartney, Lourdes Leon to collaborate in launching new scent POP Bluebell

Stella McCartney, Lourdes Leon to collaborate in launching new scent POP Bluebell

Stella McCartney launches her second millennial fragrance POP, the fashion designer is unveiling a sequel scent, POP Bluebell. Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon, was invited again to be a part of the commercial for the new Stella’s fragrance.

Stella McCartney’s scent POP became a real hit last year, and now, the daughter of Paul McCartney unveiled the next fragrance, called POP Bluebell. Its scent is fresh and feminine as well and champions the floral notes.

The British designer sees her scent more than just a fragrance, McCartney’s brand always sends a message, this time scent dedicated to the younger generation. According to the scent’s creator, it is about a mindset rather than an individual woman.

Lourdes Leon, the daughter of Madonna, was a part of the commercial for the first POP, this year, Stella invited the girl again.

Stella McCartney and Lourdes Leon: talented daughters of talented people

The campaign was equally impactful with millennial stars including Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon, the musician Grimes, animal activist Kenya Kinski-Jones, and actress and campaigner Amanda Stenberg taking centre stage. Younger market is an aim of a new scent POP Bluebell.

POP Bluebell

The bottle of POP Bluebell will cost from £44, its delicate yet distinctive scent with the British bluebell note bringing a depth and personality to the collection. Stella believes that as human beings, we’re always changing, and POP is evolving with its owners.

“I really love these girls – their spirit, their independence – and wanted to follow them on the next stage of their adventures. In POP Bluebell they’ve lived life and learnt, and become only more beautiful in the process.”