Today: Friday, 24 May 2024 year

Steve Mnuchin sworn in as treasury secretary

The intricacies of politics are complex and unexpected, especially if we take into account that the United States got a new leader, extraordinary and unpredictable one. Donald Trump has entrusted another important post to Steve Mnuchin who sworn in on Monday as treasury secretary.

Steve Mnuchin now is Trump administration team member, he has sworn in already by Vice President Pence. According to The Washington Post, Mr Mnuchin stressed that it is a great honour for him ‘to follow in the footsteps of Alexander Hamilton and so many great treasury secretaries.

Earlier, Mnuchin was not only a politician but the successful hedge fund manager, he is the ex-Goldman Sachs banker who also helmed One West bank, which was embroiled in the foreclosure crisis. It is worth to note that Mnuchin was Trump’s finance director during the presidential campaign. Whatever, on February 13, Mnuchin became the 77th and current US Secretary of the Treasury.

The Senate confirmed Steven Mnuchin, President Donald Trump’s pick to head the Treasury Department, in a vote mostly along party lines Monday night as Democrats criticised him as a Wall Street-friendly banker who breaks with Trump’s promise to stand for American workers.

The Senate voted 53-47, it is very controversial picture of the voting, indeed, with all Republicans voting for him and all Democrats voting no except Joe Manchin of West Virginia.