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Steven Seagal granted Russian citizenship by Vladimir Putin

Steven Seagal granted Russian citizenship by Vladimir Putin

Steven Seagal is the Russian starting from today–Vladimir Putin granted the citizenship to the Hollywood actor. An official  decree is available on the Kremlin’s site, so Mr Seagal joined a number of westerners who have sought, and been granted, Russian citizenship. In addition to Gerard Depardieu, the boxer Roy Jones Jr was made Russian last year.

Steven Seagal got the Russian Federation’s citizenship, and since now he is real Russian. Vladimir Putin has appreciated the visits of western actors and their attention to the different issues. For an instance, Seagal was showing the interest to the Amur tiger population, Depardieu–in the winery and movies, Roy Jones Jr offered his services as an athlete.

“Vladimir Putin signed an executive order according Russian citizenship to Steven Seagal,”

announced the decree itself, on the Kremlin website. It’s a no-nonsense decree, naming Seagal and listing his date of birth (April 10, 1952) and bestowing citizenship in the Russian Federation upon him.

Steven Seagal wasn’t obtrusive in his desire to become a Russian citizen. Firstly, he just made complimentary remarks about Putin, then actor went to Chechnya and hang out with Putin’s friend Ramzan Kadyrov, where was dancing the traditional folk dance in the style. Finally, Mr Seagal said that his predecessor was from Russia.

Seagal and Putin: aikido and judo men

Seagal and Putin are sharing the passion for martial arts: Seagal is an expert in aikido, and Putin is an expert in judo. They’ve appeared together at martial arts demonstrations and official events, including last year’s Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok in 2016.

Seagal’s hopes and aspirations are aimed at the chance to develop his career, being granted Russian citizenship. His is faded glory, possibly, will shine again–in Russia, actor suggests. Film career with new opportunities and funding are concerning Mr Seagal, in Kyrgyzstan in September, he said he had a more lofty ambition:

“To bring all people together, to live in harmony.”

In Kyrgyzstan, Steven Seagal rode on horseback into a packed stadium clad in the armour of a medieval warrior.