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Stoltenberg urged NATO countries to avoid dependence on China.

Stoltenberg urged NATO countries to avoid dependence on China.

China is not an adversary of NATO, but allies should not allow dependence on China in a number of areas, including critical supplies of raw materials, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

“There is no talk of economic disengagement or isolation of the country. China is not our enemy, we should have a close exchange of views and continue trade. I only warn against dependence in certain areas, such as critical supplies of raw materials,” Stoltenberg said, commenting on recent negotiations German Chancellor Olaf Scholz with Chinese Premier Li Qiang.

At the same time, two days ago, Stoltenberg said that he could easily imagine a conflict where Moscow and Beijing act together.

Last year, Western relations with China deteriorated due to growing tensions around Taiwan and the preservation of the Russian-Chinese partnership in the face of pressure from Western countries on Russia in connection with the military operation in Ukraine.

In May, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin expressed concern about NATO’s plans to open an office in Japan, noting that the alliance was interfering in the affairs of the Asia-Pacific region and provoking a bloc confrontation, despite assurances that the Asia-Pacific region is not included in the geographical scope of the organization.

Earlier, he also noted that the Chinese people will never forget NATO’s barbaric crimes in Yugoslavia, where the Chinese embassy in Belgrade was hit by a NATO bombing in 1999.