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Storms return to southwest, but less intense than earlier

Storms return to southwest, but less intense than earlier

Storms have hit the U.S. again, it came to the Southwest again, but its power is less than a day earlier. Then monsoon rains have transformed the desert region into the swamp. The news showed the flooding streets and prompting water rescues teams only.

The Southwest is under attack of the storm again, it returned, but now it’s  less intense than earlier, say forecasters. The authorities warned of the potential flooding, which possible to be in six U.S. states — California, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. The storm may cause in these parts of the country heavy washes and streams, say experts.

The Four Corners region heavily suffered on Wednesday from rain, no reports of flooding or mudslides, indeed. Meteorologists from the National Weather Service warn on possible intense monsoon rain in the Four Corners on Friday.

Arizona registered the flooding near Nogales, moreover, Albuquerque and Las Vegas met powerful flood, which has covered large swaths of desert and forests. The authorities of southwest cities do anything possible in such a situations, in some cities traffic comes to the normal regime.