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Striking miners kill deputy minister in Bolivia

Striking miners kill deputy minister in Bolivia

Striking miners in Bolivia kidnapped and then killed the Deputy Interior Minister, Rodolfo Illanes. The protesting miners protesting miners have turned their action deadly. The Bolivian officials promised to keep the public posted regarding new details of this tragedy.

Striking miners, who demanded improvements of the mining industry and labor conditions, have cowardly kidnapped the minister Rodolfo Illanes. Then, according to the colleague of deceased Carlos Romero, the protesting miners have brutally killed the minister.

Killed minister was 56-year-old, as the official person, he had gone to talk to protesters earlier on Thursday in Panduro. And instead of talks, the protesters intercepted him and kidnapped. Now, the government teams and rescuers are trying to recover Illanes’ body.

In Bolivia, the protests are turning violent this week, the trigger is the death of two workers. They were shot to dead by police, and in that mass fighting with shooting 17 police officers had been wounded.