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Sugar shortages are reported in Polish stores

Sugar shortages are reported in Polish stores

Residents of Poland complained on social networks about the lack of sugar in stores.

According to sellers, they themselves are surprised that sugar is simply not delivered to stores.

The Aldi network said it was seeing a “tense global situation” related to climate and logistical issues, namely a shortage of containers and truck drivers, as well as rising freight rates.

Some sellers have introduced restrictions for buyers: in Biedronka, Netto and Lidl, you can buy no more than 10 kg per person, and no more than five in Aldi.

A possible reason is also called the peak of the jam cooking season, while prices for the product are rising.

Meanwhile, the Polish authorities are convinced that there is no shortage of sugar in the country. So, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that “sugar is in abundance.