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Suicide bomber targets Kabul Bank branch on Tuesday

Suicide bomber targets Kabul Bank branch on Tuesday

A suicide bomber has blown himself up in Kabul, the blast killed at least 13 people and injured several others, police reported.

On Tuesday, the entrance to a Kabul Bank branch became a target of the suicide bomber who blast himself up. It worth to note that Bank is situated in a city’s main diplomatic quarter, very close the US embassy.

The quiet and respectable quarter in Kabul became the crime scene on Tuesday, according to the interior ministry spokesman, the blast took lives of thirteen people and injured many others. The experts say that blast was an answer to an overnight airstrike by the Afghan security forces that targeted the Taliban in western Herat province.

Blast in KabulDespite the guesses, none terroristic organisation claimed responsibility for the bombing in Kabul. The police say that the Taliban often target banks, especially at the end of the month when civil servants and military personnel line up to receive their salaries, or ahead of major Muslim holidays. In other words, the blast could have no political background, rather financial.

“At around 10:00 (05:30 GMT) a suicide bomber set off his explosives near a private bank and close to Massoud Square. More details later,”

said Najib Danish, a spokesperson for Afghanistan’s interior ministry. The police investigate this case, more details will be available as soon as possible.