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Suicide bombing kills 36 in Baghdad

Suicide bombing kills 36 in Baghdad

Suicide bombing in Baghdad coincided with the visit of Francois Hollande to Iraq. on Monday, the suicide bomber drove a pickup loaded with explosives struck a bustling market in Baghdad. The explosion killed at least 36 people, many other were hospitalised with the injuries.

French President Francois Hollande arrived in Baghdad, and on the same day the Iraqi capital experienced the powerful explosion in a fruit and vegetable market. Monday is a very busy day for the Iraqi markets, so, the suicide bombing killed 36 and wounded another 52 people.

According to the police, the suicide bomber was seeking to hire day labourers and when he gathered a big crowd around himself, he just detonated his vehicle. IS claimed the attack in a statement circulated on a militant website often used by the extremists.

ISIS claimed in the third time in the row its responsibility for similar suicide bombings. The most recent terroristic attack took place in Sadr City, a vast Shiite district in eastern Baghdad that has been repeatedly targeted by Sunni extremists since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion.