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Supermarket installs traffic light system for social distancing

Supermarket installs traffic light system for social distancing

Following the coronavirus epidemic, supermarket chains are changing their traditional approach. In the United Kingdom, Aldi has launched an “automated traffic light system” to keep required social distancing in place once the restrictions fully is lifted.

The traffic light system will be set up at the entrance of Aldi store to help both visitors and workers to avoid crowds. The traffic light system and an outdoor queuing system are working in tandem, Springwise reports.

Since the COVID-19 epidemic has changed daily life, supermarkets have had to implement certain measures to limit the number of shoppers in-store and to ensure social distancing. In other words, the system is as simple as genial. The red and green lights mean ‘wait’ and ‘go’ respectively for the visitors.

It is worth to note that the NHS workers will get priority, and customers will be asked to allow them to the front of the queue when necessary.

Depending on the size and layout of the store, each one will have a specific number of customers it can allow in at a time to enable a two-metre distance. The traffic light system will track customers going in and out of the store.

The system was initially trialled in just ten of Aldi’s UK stores and after proving to be a success, it was rolled out across their 847 stores nationwide at the end of May.

As lockdown measures are gradually eased across Europe, supermarkets need to plan on how to maintain social distancing measures. Whilst it is not known exactly how long measures will need to be in place, a recent survey found that a clear majority of Brits (32 per cent) expect social distancing to remain in place until 2021.

Having an automated system that can track the number of customers that can safely be in a store appears to be an accurate and effective way to ensure the protection of both shoppers and employees.